Career networking by function

Pick from 20+ functions if your focus is entirely functional.

Career networking by industry

Pick from 50 industries and functions within those industries.

Entrepreneurship networking

Share experiences and learn from other entrepreneurs interested in building, buying, or franchising a business.

Strategic networking

Network for business connections and operational effectiveness. Connect with mentors or mentees.



Many people view networking negatively because of bad experiences…

Past activities and events that simply were not worth their time, far away or undesirable locations, not the most conducive environment, timing that did not work with their schedule, not knowing who to approach, speaking with people with whom they had nothing in common, contacts made that were not responsive, or something else.

We decided to do things differently and better!


Who are we?


A virtual, people matching and connection PLATFORM that will:

  • Allow you to connect with other interested individuals from wherever you are
  • Get you contacts that can lead to referrals
  • Make your direct communications more efficient
  • Enable you to be more effective in your endeavors

This platform is brought to you by that addresses people’s needs of wanting to speak with others outside their social circle on items of common interest. It matches and directly connects individuals so they can share, learn, inspire, support, and shine.



Here’s what you can accomplish on this platform.

Brand yourself

Create and share your personal summary and library of documents, videos, etc., in support of your brand.

Get matched

Connect with like-minded people outside your social circle who have common interests.

Expand your network

Select as many individuals you wish to interact with and build your new contacts.

Engage directly

Hold one-on-one conversations via instant messaging, audio calls, or video calls.

Participate in group activity

Create and/or belong to small advisory groups for more focused discussion and support.

Save time

Manage your calendar and view others’ calendars for follow up directly or by webmail.

Build relationships

Give to get. Send follow-up messages. Share information at any time to nurture your relationships.

Be productive

Use the Activity Manager to display your growing referral network, build your own contacts database, make and view notes, and plan follow up.

Additional reasons to choose us


Your membership in this platform will also allow you to…


Conduct all your networking from one spot

  • Select any one or all four networking activities

Use platform anytime, anywhere

  • View web pages on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes
  • Note: Allow camera and microphone on your mobile device web browser to support audio and video conversations


Make money


    You can take advantage of the platform’s features to generate income by…

  • Leveraging your special expertise to offer consulting services by external phone or via audio/video call on this platform (Coming soon)